Sponsor zone logos & banners

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 19 2022

Sponsor logo: 200 x 400 px

Sponsor banner : 1920 x 1280 px

Sponsor logos:

When creating event sponsors you have the option to upload their logo. This logo will appear in 2 places within the event:

  1. At the top of their individual sponsor zone
  2. As a clickable logo on the dedicated sponsor's page. This clickable logo will bring attendees to the sponsor's individual page.

Logos are uploaded in the sponsors tab of the event Console. 

Sponsor banners:

If your sponsors are hosting a webinar (think virtual booth where attendees can join live meetings and ask questions or get more information) then you have the option of uploading a session banner that will function as a background for their meeting room. This is done within the settings page of the session in the Console.

Note: This background will appear behind the participant's video feeds. For this reason, we do not suggest uploading any detailed graphics or informational pieces you would like your audience to read as they will be partially obscured. Instead, we suggest a bold, clear, bright image.

If your sponsors have assets they would like to make available for attendees during sessions, admins can upload these under the attachments tab of the sponsor's session in the Console - there is no limit on the number of files that can be added. PDF uploads on the sponsor pages should not exceed 5gb per file. 

Sponsor headshots will be automatically resized during the upload process so there is no size limit - Just make sure to upload a high resolution photo.