Training Sessions for non-professional plans

Learn more about the add-on training sessions available for Motivator and Driver packages!

Author photo  Mitzi Ong
  Last updated September 14 2022

Canapii offers 1-hour or 2-hour training sessions to all its paid subscribers (users on Motivator or Driver plan). These dedicated, one to one, sessions are designed to help event organizers with the creation of their event on Canapii.

How should you best use your time with a Canapii event expert?

  • A detailed demo of a specific feature or tool: Dive deeper into some of the features you wish to further explore or understand.
  • Ask for advice: Whether you are hosting an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, Canapii is formed of experienced event professionals which can provide you with knowledge, insight, and ideas when it comes to hosting and delivering amazing event experiences.
  • Share your event objectives and challenges: Think of us as a soundboard! By sharing your event requirements and pain points, we will help you find ways to overcome then with the use of our event tech tools and functionalities.

What shouldn’t you do during these consultation sessions?

  • Ask us to create your entire event. We’re here to guide you and accompany you in your event creation journey. We will help you with specific areas of your event, but we truly believe that the only way you will really have success, it’s by doing it yourselves!

If you need professional support for your event, reach out to us here.

  • Require in-event support and assistance. These sessions are designed for training purposes. Please do not schedule a session during your live event in a goal of sourcing assistance and tech help during the show. We have other teams that do just that. 
    Contact us to find out more!


  • 1 hour training: $250 
  • 2 hour training: $400
  • Custom training: Contact us