Understanding the sponsor zone analytics

Canapii's analytics provide a detailed overview of engagement received by event attendees.

Quick view or export your sponsor page impressions by opening your event Console, clicking on the Sponsor tab, and then clicking on the sponsor name. Across the bottom of the page, click into Analytics.

To help you pass this information on accurately, please see the following descriptions for each part of the analytics:

  • Page views: Collects the name, company, and access datetimes of attendees who viewed your sponsor zone.
  • Interested: If you have enabled the Interested toggle in the settings, this section collects whether attendees have indicated that they're interested in networking with you. If you'd like to enable this setting, scroll back up to the top of the page and click the Update button, then adjust the Show Interested Button input to True. 
  • Asset views: List of users who have viewed one or more of the videos on your page. 
  • Attachment views: List of users who have viewed one or more of the documents or hyperlinks on your page.

You will also see a Leads tab in the Console Sponsor zone. We recommend utilizing this source as well to supplement the information in your Analytics tab, as this list will reflect whether the user watched the session (that is, pressed Play/Join instead of simply viewing the page), chats sent between the attendee and a sponsor rep, and page views. Note: the Leads tab will document a user's behavior with a unique count, so you may see a user's name listed here multiple times. If they execute the same action multiple times (for example, viewing the sponsor page), it is registered within parentheses under the "reference" column.