Multi-language video options

Give your attendees the option to switch between different audio dubs for video on demand and simulive sessions.

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated Jan 26, 2022

Uploading multi-language videos

Note: You will need to provide the additional language video files in each subsequent language that you would like to feature. We recommend a maximum limit of ten video files/languages per session.

To enable this functionality, simply follow these three easy steps:

1. Go into your VOD session. Scroll to the bottom of the page and open the assets tab. Click the gear icon next to video file, then choose upload multi language from the menu. 

2. Choose from the list of languages and upload the corresponding video file (MP4) - (as you would an ordinary on-demand session.)

3. Your session will now show your language options under the video. Attendees will be able to click the options to toggle between spoken languages. 

Note: To enable this option please use the upload multi language option when uploading all of your language videos - even your default language video. Using the regular upload option will not enable multi language for your attendees to choose from.