What does the event status mean?

The event status means that your event is either in draft mode or live mode.

By default your event is set up and will remain in draft mode until you push it to live.
While in draft mode, only admin users have the ability to view and access an event.

To change the event status, within the event console select general setting (underneath step 1) and either select draft or live within the highlighted event status area

Note: You're able to change the status of your event to live mode up to one week before the start date of your event. 

Once your event has been pushed to live, attendees which have registered are able to pre-book on to sessions, meetings etc. 

Admins can switch between draft and live status at any point before or during the event. If the event status is toggled from live to draft while attendees are present, your attendees will be pushed from the event and will not be able to access the event until the event status is changed to live. 

Attendees can still register for your event even if it is in draft mode, meaning you can work on making your event beautiful right up until the last moment.