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What is the Master Console?

The Master Console is the central hub which enables organizers to create and view events which they are attending!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated February 7 2022

As an event organizer, when you first login you are presented with a home screen that shows all the events that you are involved with, whether as an attendee or as an organizer.  This makes it really easy to switch from one event to another.

Your events: Events where you're set as an organizer and have full administration rights.

Events you are attending: Events where you're set as an attendee. You won't have access to the event console. 

You can create as many events as you like and each will appear here within the master Console as a separate tile. If you have numerous events and you can't find the one you are looking for, please locate the down arrow ↓ at the bottom of the page to reveal more events.

Underneath each event you will find a View and a Manage button. Selecting View takes you the attendee site of the event, while Manage takes you to the organizer view.  

One of the most common questions from event managers is that they can't view an event which they're managing. This is not a mistake as it means that you have not yet registered to attend the event - Event admins must also register to the event via the ticket link. 

Note: Admins are able to see what the event looks like while in draft status by selecting View event within the event console. As the site is being developed and still in draft mode, the front end will not visible to attendees which have registered.