What links are supported in the 'others' content type?

Here is where you can quickly link your attendees to external and internal event links...

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 13 2022

You have a choice between internal and external links:

Internal links are links from other event sessions or pages. 

Say for example you want to have a row of speaker profiles on your event landing page. Start by creating individual sessions for each of your highlighted speakers. Under the content type you can then select Others and paste in the URL from those individual speaker zones within your Canapii event platform. Then you can load these sessions into a dedicated playlist, resulting in an interactive speaker row that will allow attendees to explore your speakers along with other session on your event homepage.

External links are used to take your attendees to any external website.

For example, you may want your attendees to view a product on your website. Much like the above example, all you will need to do is activate this external "others" session and the link will be live for your attendees to select.