What poll types are available?

Maximize attendee engagement with in-session and event-wide polling.

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated March 8 2022

Where on the platform can polls be used?

Polls can appear in individual sessions or within the default polls page of your event platform homepage.

Polls can be one of the following four types:

Open text

This poll type is ideal if you want to let your attendees give you a customized and unique answer to open ended questions. 

Some example questions would be: "Tell us about your experience", "Share with us your favorite part of the event", or "Tell us what you learned during X session". 

Multiple choice

If you want to quantify the answers to your questions you can use a multiple choice question. This gives your attendees a certain set of answers that they may choose from in order to answer your question. This allows you to analyze answers to questions and get a broad idea of how the majority of your attendees felt about certain aspects of your event.

An example of a multiple choice question would be:

Which session was your favorite?

      • Session A
      • Session B
      • Session C
      • Session D
      • etc.

Multiple answer

This type of poll is best used if you like the multiple choice format but you questions require your participants to select multiple options or answers.


This type of question is best used when you want to ask multiple questions that all have the same answer options.

For example you could be curious to know how your attendees rated all of the event sessions. You have a rating system of "Excellent", "Good", "Neutral", or "Poor" (these are your answer options).

Your group title could be: "How would you rate the following Sessions?"

Your questions would be the name of each session in question: "Session A", " Session B", and " Session C".

Below is an example of how the above question would appear for your attendees to answer:

Where can I create polls?

Session specific polls:

These polls can be created from the specific session's settings page. Select the sessions tab under step 2 of the event Console side bar. Navigate to your desired session then scroll to the bottom and select the polls tab. Here you can create, manage, and analyze your polls and any responses you receive from within a session.

Session hosts and event admins in live breakout sessions can create polls on the fly from the front end of these sessions. Below the session viewer window there is a manage polls and poll results buttons to help you ask questions quickly without the need to pre load them before your session.

If you wish for a session poll to also appear within the dedicated polls page (description below), you can achieve this by going into the session poll & look for the display option. When you reach display, ensure that it's set to session & polls page

Event-wide polls:

These polls can be created by navigating directly to the polls section of the event Console side bar. Select create to create your poll, leave the session field blank, and the question will appear on the dedicated polls page. You can enable, disable, and rename this page by navigating to: general settings>menu>polls.