Live breakouts - When can speakers and participants join a session?

Organizers can control when speakers & attendees are able to join live breakouts!

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated Jan 13 2022

For live breakout sessions (just like you'd expect from webinars or video conference presentations) have two types of users: hosts and participants/attendees. 

Hosts are able to join breakout sessions up to 1 hour before a session is scheduled to begin. This allows them to join the platform, familiarize themselves with the setup and rehearse if needed.

Note: Before the session start time, remember that all speakers must be pulled through as an attendee (scroll to the bottom of the page and find the attendees tab) and then promoted as a host

You'll find the following options, within the session settings:

Allow users to join before the host starts: Toggle either yes or no

Doors opening time offset:
Allow attendees to join the session before the scheduled start time. Input the number of minutes accordingly.

Remember: Ensure that the session timings are correct and check that the speakers have been assigned as hosts.