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Where to find events you've created and are registered to

The 'Master Console' page will provide you with a top-down view of all the events of which you have admin access


Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 19 2022

While in any event, locate the master tab at the top of the event console sidebar. This will take you to the master console where all your events will appear as tiles. 

The default tab is your events which shows all the events that you have admin permissions for. If you toggle over to events you are attending, you'll find the events that you are registered for as an attendee.

If you don't see the event that you are looking for, you can expand your event list by selecting the down arrow button located at the bottom of the event tiles.

Tip: selecting view under any tile will take you to the event platform and manage will take you to the event console. This gives you easy access to both the user and organizer experiences from one place. 

From the master Console, you can also find events by the organization. The organizations will appear on the lower half of the master console sidebar. This is especially helpful for agencies who are managing multiple clients!

A list of organizations will also appear by selecting your profile icon on the upper right-hand side of your console menu bar.